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Flute & Harp Duo Dolce


Hye Sung Choe, Flute   

Hee Jin Yoon, Harp        


Duo Dolce has been performing since 2012 in Los Angeles area, but the history between the two players started as early as 1996 in Seoul Arts High School. Both the two ambitious music students got into Seoul National University together, and continued their graduate studies in the United States, Hye Sung at Eastman, and Hee Jin at Cincinnati.  They moved to LA area in 2011 with their newly wedded family, without knowing each other was just half an hour away.  After a few months, one friend from Seoul Arts High School noticed that these two ladies were in the same location (huray for social networks because this friend is still in Korea) and brought them to meet at a cafe in Korean town, LA.  Since then, they have been playing together as well as sharing their lives together.


Duo Dolce is available for recitals, masterclasses, weddings as well as individual and corporate parties.  Flute and Harp is such beautiful combination of instruments, and the two musician's long history and friendship makes their music so natural and compelling.  They will help turning your events to ellegant and magical moments.


Piazzolla - Bordel 1900 from Histoire du Tango (Flute and Harp)

Piazzolla - Cafe 1930 from Histoire du Tango (Flute and Harp)

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